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Body Symbiosis (ASB) - Relaxation Range


BODY SYMBIOSIS is particularly designed for a relaxed moment among friends. It is particularly fun to use because you play with your partner. You can use this machine to either perform a demanding muscular activity, or focus on relaxing and stretching your legs. Thanks to the resistance supplied by your partner, you can particularly work your leg muscles.


How to use it ?

While sitting, place your feet on the step and trap the bar in from of you. Coordinate your movements in order to work one at a time. Be aware however to maintain an upright and comfortable back position.

Muscles used :

The main work focuses on the legs and thighs. By pushing the step against your partner’s strength, you work mainly on your quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Thanks to the added leg work, your soleus muscles and your tibialis anterior muscles are used as well. The abdominal muscles work at maintaining the hips in a stable position. 


Reinforcement and stretching of your thigh muscles
Coordination of movements
Flexibility of your hips and knees