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Installation and flooring

The installation techniques are simple and explained in the machines’ technical sheets.
Body Boomers are anchored to the ground with concrete blocks, the fixing techniques depending on the kind of machine.
- Self-supporting machines, as their name indicates, can be installed temporarily withour being screwed to the ground, for animations for example. If they are fixed, they are screwed to concrete blocks with lag bolts, which allow the machine to be removed easily without anything jutting out above the ground.
- Machines on decks, are screwed on anchoring legs, composed of 6 threaded rods, cast in concrete.
- Machines that need to be sealed, like the Street Workout equipment, are directly cast into concrete.
Adding an elastic flooring is not compulsory to install Body Boomers by the XP S52-904 norm.
However, a variety of solutions exist to make your outdoor fitness park more enjoyable: wood chips, sand, stabilised chalky ground, or even a brick ground.
The usage space around Body Boomers equipment required by the XP S52-904 norm are specified in the following downloadable document.
PDF - 598.4 kb
Zones d’évolution réglementaire à respecter autour des Body Boomers selon la norme XP S52-904