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Body Dips (ADP) - Body-Building Range

BODY DIPS allows you to intensely work the whole of your arm muscles


How to use it ?

 Grasp the two handles in front of you and lift yourself up, arms straight.

While stable on your arms, torso in upright position, perform flexions in order to lower your chest while making sure your feet do not touch the ground.

Inhale when descending, exhale when returning to initial position.

To facilitate this very demanding exercise, place your back against the central pillar, grasp the bars and make sure your feet remain in contact with the ground. Keeping a tense body thanks to the contracting of your abdominals, perform flexions while keeping your feet in contact with the ground.

Muscles used :


You particularly stimulate your biceps and triceps. The deltoid muscles are also used to maintain your support on the bars.

By controlling the descent and return, your abdominals contribute to maintaining your torso equilibrium.

BODY DIPS favors :
Intense reinforcement of your shoulders and arms
Strengthening of your core
Resistance to your own body weight