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Tai-Chi Body Disks (ATD) - Relaxation Range


TAI CHI BODY DISKS is particularly designed to favor the coordination of your actions. By relaxing your muscles and by looking for amplitude, you favor the stretching of your deltoid muscles, back and chest. Muscle tension, frequent in the shoulders, can be significantly reduced when using TAI CHI BODY DISKS.


How to use it ?

Facing the machine, grasp the handles in front of you. Maintaining your torso in balance, proceed into controlled rotations of the rudders for each arm. Learn to coordinate your movements and change direction for a full workout.

Muscles used :

Muscle activity concentrated on the arms favors work on your biceps, triceps and forearm muscles while performing rotations. Using the rudder, you make demands on your deltoids to keep your arm active. The separate work done on each arm forces to particular coordination. Maintaining your torso in balance leads, to a lesser extent, to a localized abdominal effort. 


Flexibility of the wrists, forearmes, elbows, shoulders and back
Body balance management
Movement coordination
Amplitude and recovery after using the range body cross fit