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Body Ski Pedalo (APS) - Cardio Range

How to use it ?

Standing on the BODY PEDALO SKI, grasp the two handles in front of you. Coordinating your leg and arm movements, complete alternative movements by pulling the handles towards you. While in motion, maintain a balanced posture for an accurate performance of the exercise. Enhance your ability by also pedaling backwards. This complementary method favors a complete work-out of your legs.

Muscles used:

Pulling the handles mainly activates your biceps and triceps. By coordinating your leg and arm movements with your abdominals you carry-out a work-out of your thighs and particularly your quadriceps.


Depending on your rhythm, you will favor leg work with different intensity. The descending phase particularly stimulates your hamstrings. 

Coordination of the body in motion
Abdominal reinforcement
Concentration to harmonize the movements
Muscular work on your entire body