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Body Cross-Country Ski (ACS) - Cardio Range

How to use it?

Standing up on the BODY CROSS-COUNTRY SKI, grasp the two levers in front of you. While coordinating your arm and leg movements, proceed into alternative movements by pulling the levers towards you. Maintain an equilibrated position while moving. Beware to relax your muscles during the return phase of your legs. Extended use of this machine is recommended for better results

Muscles used :

Pulling the handles uses mainly your biceps, triceps and deltoids. By coordinating your arm and leg movements thanks to your abdominals, you work your thighs and particularly your quadriceps and hamstring muscles. Depending on your rhythm, you call upon your legs and arms more or less. The swinging motion also makes you work your hip flexers and your gluteals to control the amplitude.

coordination of the body in motion
 reinforcement of abdominals 
 concentration to harmonize movements 
 muscular work on the body
 hip articulation flexibility