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Body Bike (ABK) - Cardio Range

BODY BIKE is particularly designed to feel the sensations of driving your bike without having to worry about your balance. Designed to enhance your cardio and endurance, favor an extended use of it for more satisfactory results


How to use it?

Vary your hand position on the handlebar in order to find your ideal position. Thanks to its constant resistance, you have control over the effort. Increase the rhythm of your pedaling to intensify the exercise.

Muscles used :

The quadriceps and hamstrings are the main stimulated muscles throughout the exercise. Thanks to the complementary work of your anterior leg and gastrocnemius, you facilitate the transition of the pedal between between its lower and upper position. Your flutes and triceps surae participate in triggering the pedals into motion. Depending on your pedaling technique, you have influence on your muscular work-out.

BODY BIKE favors :
Enhancement of your cardio
Smooth work-out of your legs and thighs;
Complementary work-out of the cross fit range
Relaxation of the hip, the knee and the ankle.