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Body Suspension (ASP) - Body-Building Range

 BODY SUSPENSION allows you a specific work of your abdominals and obliques thanks to the weight of your legs.

  How to use it ?

 Back against the central pillar, grasp the upper bar. Flatten your back against the support and keep your torso stable.


Lift your legs slowly while keeping them slightly flexed. To intensify the exercise, pause right before the descent. You can also perform a scissor movement with your legs to increase the difficulty. Exhale while lifting your legs and inhale while lowering them.

Muscles used :

You particularly work your abdominals and obliques. The hip muscles help your leg flexion movements. Immobilizing your torso leads, to a certain extent, to an effort on your arms and shoulders

Reinforcement of your abdominals and obliques
Firming up of your waist
Coordination of your breathing with your work-out
Toning of your legs