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Body Rowing (ARW) - Body-Building Range


BODY ROWING guaranties a harmonious work-out of your entire body

How to use it ?

 While sitting, grasp the two handles in front of you and place your feet on the supports.


Inhale and pull firmly on the handles towards you, bringing your elbows backwards. Help yourself with your feet to diminish the effort produced by your arms. Maintain a stable chest for enhanced efficiency. Exhale when returning to initial position in order to recover between each set. To increase difficulty, vary the intensity throughout the work-out and adopt the following rhythm: quick traction and slow movement when returning to initial position.

Depending on your ability, increase the duration of the exercise for better results.

Muscles used :

 You particularly work your back muscles during the traction phase. Bicep, tricep and pectoral muscles are stimulated as well to help the movement. Pushing on your legs during the return phase will add a complementary work-out of your quadriceps.

BODY ROWING favors :
Reinforcement of your back and arm muscles 
Improvement of your cardio and endurance
Respiratory and work-out coordination