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Body Parallel Bars (APB) - Body-Building Range

BODY PARALLEL BARS allows you to efficiently work the whole of your arms and chest muscles. Let your imagination flow !


How to use it?

 While stably holding on your arms, body in upright position, perform swinging motions to reinforce your shoulders.


You can also maintain your torso in a fixed position and only swing your legs in order to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Move along the bar and work on your resistance to effort.

Muscles used :

 Depending on the exercise, you focus your work on your biceps, triceps or deltoids by grasping the bar. By controlling the swinging motion of your legs, you intensely work on your abdominal muscles thanks to the weight of your legs. Ny varying your position on the bar, you efficiently work-out your entire body.



Reinforcement of your shoulders and arms
Strengthening of your core
Complete work-out of your body by varying the exercise