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Body Horseback (AHS) - Body-Building Range

BODY HORSEBACK allows you to efficiently work-out all of your arms and chest muscles


How to use it?

Sitting down, grasp both handles and push them in front of you while exhaling. Control the speed of the way back to intensify the exercise. You can also vary the rythm of your movements while making sure you exhale when pushing the bar and inhaling when pulling it back. BODY HORSEBACK is accessible to persons with limited mobility thanks to its inclining seat and armrest which make transfer possible.


Muscles used :

 You focus your work on your pectoral and deltoid muscles. When pushing the handles, you also activate your biceps and triceps. The stabilizing muscles of your torso will help you maintain your balance when in motion. Your back muscles will allow control of both the pushing and pulling phase of the bar.

 the reinforcement of your shoulders and chest
consolidation of your abominates and back muscles
respiratory coordination throughout the exercise
coordination of your body in motion