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Body Elevator (AEL) - Body-Building Range

BODY ELEVATOR allows you to work efficiently all of your arm and chest muscles


 How to use it ?

Sitting down, grasp the bar and pull it towards you while exhaling.


Control the speed of the descent to intensify the exercise. You may also vary the rhythm of your movements but make sure that you exhale when pulling the bar and inhaling in when pushing it back. Grasp the bar with the palm of your hand facing either inwards or outwards in order to work all of your muscles.


BODY ELEVATOR is accessible to people with limited mobility on one side of their body thanks to the inclination of the seat and to the arm rest making transfer possible (see explanation hereafter)


Do not suddenly let go of the handlebars

Persons with limited mobility can use the armrests as assistance

Muscles used:

 You focus your work on your biceps and deltoids. By pulling the bar towards you you also involve your forearm muscles and your powerful back muscles. Your abdominals allow you to maintain body balance.



Reinforcement of your shoulders and arms
Consolidation of your abdominals and back
Complete work-out of your arms by varying your grasp

Respiratory coordination throughout the exercise