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Body Back Bars (ABD) - Body-Building Range



How to use it ?

 Hold the bar and suspend yourself with your arms. Exhale while performing a traction with your arms in order to lift your shoulders up to the bar.


Exercise 2: place yourself between the bars, back and forearms against the supports and grasp the handles. Contracting your abdominals, bring your knees to your chest while exhaling

 Muscles used :

When tracking the bar towards you, you call upon your forearm muscles and your powerful back muscles (Exercise 1)


You particularly work your abdominals and obliques. Your hip muscles facilitate your leg flexion movements. Immobilizing your torso leads to an effort on your arms and shoulders (exercise 2) 



-Quadriceps femoris muscle

-Biceps triceps, trapezius, back

-Abdominal straight, transverse and obliques



BODY BACK BARS favors : 
Reinforcement of your abdominals and obliques
Firming up of your waist
Toning of your legs 
Rreinforcement of your shoulders and arms